They are also thinking of the tax revenue when they get more jobs. Besides, where will the government get its money right? Where else but from the employees who have no choice but to give a part of their salaries for taxes? It is such a shame that the employees work hard and a part of their salary goes to the government so basically, they earn cash without even lifting a finger. I am sure this fact has created a lot of rallies staged by the laborers who want their full salary but they can’t do anything about that since that is the way life goes.


There are already a lot of debates onĀ spewing up on whether or not marijuana should be legalized but if they need additional employment and tax revenue then they may have no choice but to do it. Besides, they won’t feel the effects of the drug until a few minutes later. Marijuana is known as a drug that can motivate some people to work harder. It has different effects on different people so you can never know what its effects on you are until you try it. There are expected to be a bunch of stores dedicated to selling Marijuana alone and you can’t blame them. It is expected parents won’t allow their children to buy this drug so if they want to do it then they have to do it under the table.

There are 23 states that allow some form of marijuana and they are going to vote in April if they will end up legalizing it in Colorado. The bottom line is that lawmakers know what is good for the state since they must be used to having such a huge responsibility with them. It is certainly not an easy task to have though. Even if the drug is banned, it won’t still stop people from using it as it is that addictive so they thought it would be better to legalize it completely. This proves that everything has its advantages and disadvantages even if it involves a drug.